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3-on-3 Gameplay | June

Experience the intensity of 3-on-3 hockey—a dynamic, skills-based game that unfolds in a confined space at an exhilarating pace. Our 3-on-3 matches demand rapid decision-making and quick reactions, providing a unique and fast-paced hockey encounter.

LEARN TO SKATE | June, July, august 

This initiative is tailored for novice skaters aged 4 to 8 years old, with two years or less of skating experience. Its focus is on instilling fundamental skating skills to enhance confidence on the ice.

SUNDAY SKILLS | June, July, august 

Experience 2 hours of traditional MaxPro Skills training in each session. Registrants enjoy the flexibility to select and tailor their player's attendance to specific sessions.

RED MACHINE | June, July, August 

Introducing Red Machine, a comprehensive weeklong training program designed for a full day of skill development. Join us for an exciting six-week series throughout the summer of 2024, with each week representing a distinct program. Every Red Machine week is dedicated to the same dynamic curriculum, featuring on-ice training, off-ice workouts, and specialized off-ice shooting and stickhandling sessions. The on-ice training delves into fundamental skills such as skating, stickhandling, checking, and game play, while off-ice sessions cover running, plyometrics, body weight training, agility exercises, stretching, and additional off-ice shooting and stickhandling drills.